Yearly Archives: 2016

Water Wise Gardening

Water Wise Gardening Count every drop, because every drop counts… For many of us the recent drought forced us to look at how we garden differently. Our office had such an overwhelming amount of requests for more information and tips that we thought it helpful to publish a bit of background information as well guidelines…
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5 reasons why you should have a garden

The 5 reasons why you should have a garden include the following: Less allergies and dust - A recent UK study revealed that just 5 trees around your house can reduce dust and allergens in your home by up to 30% if the right trees are chosen. This is great news for people who despise dust. Swabs and samples were taken from all static electronic devices in 5 homes before and after trees were temporarily placed around the homes, and revealed that after 2 weeks the dust, volatile organic compounds and allergens were reduced by almost 30%.

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The class of 2015. We go all out to impress…

The students of 2015 went all out to show that they are the best in the industry with their final presentations in February this year. Needless to say all the students must have had nerves of steel, but the school believe that the roots they provide will always result in a hardy resilient plant, and the students was tasked with a mammoth final project which they had to present to a panel of well- known Landscape Architects and Industry specialists.

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