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Accreditation information:

Partners assosiated with IGFSAThe Irene School of Garden design’s Full Time and Part Time/ Part Time PLUS courses are currently accredited by a private society of Landscape designers, Landscape Architects, Architects, Landscape installers and Nursaries. From end 2016 they will all form part of the I.G.F.S.A, or the Independent Gardeners Forum for South Africa and Africa.

There is currently no nieche Residential and Light commercial garden/landscape design with the Sector Education and Training Authority nor with the National Qualifications Board due to the lack of industry standards, and therefore none of the courses in RSA is currently accredited that way. The cost of developing these standard is simply too high for the private institutions that offer Residential and Light commercial garden/landscape design, and therefore most will rely on reputation, quality, course material and heritage. There are only 2 colleges or schools in RSA that hold such an elite body of private accreditors, of which Irene School of Garden Design is the first to be included in the I.G.F.S.A. The above mentioned courses is not registered with the NQF and will remain for reasons associated with higher education in South Africa unregistered to continue our education with quality and without the problems currently associated with registration. Our courses did however receive attention from abroad and was deemed by international comparison of an exceptional standard with remarkable outcomes.

There are many advantages to such a private accreditation in terms of quality of education, relevancy of course material, and outcomes. The Irene School of Garden Design has been busy assembling industry standards to be published in the I.G.F.S.A framework for the past 7 years and it may well be adopted by the National Qualifications Board at some point in the future. It is important to note that these courses contain the highest quality of material and the outcomes far exceeds industry expectation, but they may due to legislation not be called a diploma, degree or higher education. The Irene school of Garden design is widely recognised, and during the past 5 years had a knowledge platform sharing with more formal institutes abroad, and Universities both locally and internationally. Some of our course material is also presented at these institutions, and they also use our publications, hence the Irene school of garden designs popularity locally and abroad.

We hope that you find this information helpful and informative. Keep visiting this section of our website to see how and when students and industry individuals can register to be listed on the I.G.F.S.A.

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