Bokashi home composter kit

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Bokashi home composter kit

Every now and again we are introduced to new products on the market to try out and our most recent product to review was the Bokashi home composter kit. The Bokashi home composter kit consists of 2 composters and one packet of Bokashi, the idea being that you fill one of the two, and once full it is placed aside to go about doing its business, whilst the second one is being used. With great enthusiasm we unpacked the Bokashi kit, and followed the instructions. One surprise was that it was neat and compact enough to be a second “living” dustbin in the kitchen.

At first, we were a bit fearful of doing it wrong, but after about a week we got the hang of it and it truly became a nifty little addition to our kitchen gobbling up almost all our food waste. It is easy to use, and very little can go wrong. You simply have to add a layer of food waste, vegetable scraps and peels, or any other organic kitchen waste like eggshells teabags or coffee from your filter, followed by a generous handful of Bokashi, close the lid, and you are done. There are no foul smells to worry about, but rather a vinegary pickly smell.

It took a while for us to be able to drain the nutrient tea from the convenient tap at the bottom of the composter, but after a week we drained the first nutrient tea, diluted it, and sprinkled it over our lawns. It does have a marginally unpleasant smell, but after a good sprinkling of water it was gone, and our lawns received well deserved nutrient nourishment.

The compost that was made in the bucket was equally as useful, but extremely concentrated, so we suggest using very small amounts, or burying it quite deep in the soil, relatively far from sensitive roots. A little goes a long way. It can also be added to your regular compost heap, but we figured most people interested in the Bokashi would most likely not have compost heaps, and so, we used it as the manufacturer directed us on the instructions.

Needless to say, the Bokashi gave us a sense of doing our bit for the environment, whilst also being quite useful as a little living dustbin. It most certainly helps us manage waste better, and the byproducts, the tea and the compost, is particularly useful. It is easy to use, and one does not have to go out of your way or add more work to an already busy schedule. The Bokashi is perfect for households with small to medium gardens and we can with confidence recommend it. It is oodles of fun, and good for the environment too.

If you have a new product that you would like us to review, send us a sample or tester and if it is good, we will help you introduce it to our gardening community.

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