I am not a robot… Thank the heavens!

Thank the heavens, I am not a robot …

A recent survey by the Business Insider revealed that our world will dramatically change over the next ten years as robots and clever computer programming will replace the workforce. The relieving and inspiring news is that people in the design industries will virtually and excuse the pun, be unaffected. Especially Garden and Landscape Design will once again thrive due to its fragile connectedness with ecology, and nature. What is so astonishing is that the careers most at risk are the ones that seems to pay excessively well and feel like a safe bet. The risky career options include: some engineering fields, some of the medical fields, pharmaceutical services, the service industry, the food industry, the distribution industries, the travel industry, and of particular risk is the financial and law fields where human error margins and cost of employment plays a big role.

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Design is one of the most difficult processes to be replaced or replicated by a computer, and it seems the more the digital world advances, the better the tools we as designers use will become in order to translate ideas into reality and vice versa. Already Landscape Architects and Architects are employed to design digital worlds and environments for use in CGI, gaming industries and of course the real thing. Psychologically it is almost impossible to separate human beings from his or her relationship with nature. It is this complexity in our being that enhances one of the oldest careers in history, Garden design.

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It might very well be that one day the machine will surpass all human achievement, but it will be comforting to know, that the world designed, was designed by people like us, with an unquenchable yearning for the all things living.

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