Mower and Blower talk a delight

Mow Town: Mower and Blower talk a delight

Mow Town: lawnmowersThe Irene School of Garden Design had a fun filled, informative talk from Roger at Mow Town to enlighten us on all the latest and greatest garden machinery, essential for proper garden maintenance. Lawn is the pride of any garden, and with so many options available we thought it best to seek help from the professionals when it comes to the machines that keep our lawns and gardens in prideworthy condition. Probably the best advice was to seek advice before purchasing a mower, blower, edge, or hedge trimmer. Though the idea of buying an ordinary cheapie from a local supermarket is alluring to many, it would be a big mistake. What amazed us most was the affordability of professional machines versus the ones from the shelf.

Mow Town: leaf blowerThe mowers sold by Mow Town also comes with extensive guarantees, available replacement parts, and oodles of friendly support and after sales service, and even training for your gardener. We would definitely recommend a visit before making big garden purchases.

Irene School of Garden Design at Mow Town
The talk was also filled with practical advice on how to take care of your investment. One tip that will help prevent build up underneath mowers was to paint the oil that is drained from the motor after an oil chance, onto the underside of the hull of the machine. The oil penetrates the metal, and keeps build up to a minimum. Another eye opener was that power, does not mean nearly as much as technique. Machines with too much power often overheat and cut out, and the power factor is a bit of a sales gimmick to get the customer to pay that little extra. The ultimate is of course to buy a cylinder mower that does not hack the lawn but rather cut the lawn with microscopic precision. We learnt that by cutting the lawn with such precision, the lawn needs less water, and does not leave those unsightly white cutting marks.

Mow Town: lawnmowerWhether it is a blower, mower or edge trimmer, it is important to take good care of it, service it when recommended, store it correctly and use it properly. This talk helped us insure that we will only have to make these purchases once in a lifetime. If you need assistance with regards to garden machinery, please feel free to look up Mow town on the web, or check out our Facebook page for regular updates on garden talks and topics. These will also be available in the Virere Magazine calendar.

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