New course material to raise a new attitude in gardening

The Irene School of Garden Design did some homework of their own, and after a rigorous assessment stretching over 2 years compiled the most academically accurate and fitting notes to accompany their already impressive courses. All the course notes are brand new, and the inspiring look and feel to their courses proves to be the best in the country. The content has been completely revised based on the enormous research into the way forward in garden design, and the school’s intense assessment of experience and outcome. The new notes features a complete new aesthetic, address more learning types, an additional 30% new topics, more practicals and examples, a complete rework of their already successful material and is completely in line with what the forthcoming I.G.F.S.A requires of the industry.

The new class material will not only be available to the Irene School of Garden Design’s class of 2015, but past students of the Full-time and Part-time courses can now also benefit from the new material in preparation for the I.G.F.S.A entry. The new notes is compiled by not only the school, but also with help from the suppliers, academics, and experts in the industry making this course material the best and most relevant material on the market to date. New philosophies in design and sustainable practices which is a relatively new concept that has been following us around the past 5 years has finally been formalized and that knowledge is now available in an academically reliable format.

The notes is also not just green in colour but green in environmental conscious, as for the first time it is easily accessible on most tablets, smartphones and completely digital, allowing hundreds of new full colour illustrations and pictures that was previously not ecologically viable to print. Lee Burger the principal and owner of Irene School of Garden Design says this comes from the ever increasing demand for knowledge that is moving forward with the times, allowing students to access notes anywhere, and from the need to introduce a format that will allow a better understanding of knowledge related to such a visual career path. He also adds that however there are a lot of academic writing on the landscape design industry, they are somewhat outdated, or from abroad; hence the compilation of our first truly South African course material. Currently these notes are undergoing their final tweaks to also hopefully be presented in semi-correspondence format to students from abroad, or who would like to do courses but are unable to due to their location. It is refreshing to know, that the baby wasn’t thrown out with the bathwater, and that the notes that previous generations learned from still found its way into the Irene School of Garden Design’s miracle recipe to produce the very best in the industry.

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