The class of 2014

What an inspiring journey...

Class of 2014 Garden Design

We do not think of things being designed until we take a sneak peek into the enormous amounts of work that goes into producing all the documentation and presentation material needed to realize a garden design vision. The Irene School of Garden Design Full time class of 2014 recently had their final examination before they embark on their new careers in garden design. Needless to say all the students must have had nerves of steel, but the school believe that the roots they provide will always result in a hardy resilient plant, and the students was tasked with a mammoth final project which they had to present to a panel of well- known Landscape Architects and Industry specialists.

Needless to say the class of 2014 blossomed profusely, and the work that was presented was of an extremely high standard. The final project is a culmination of a year’s theory and practical learning, and integrated all required aspects such as drawing, computer aided design and presentation, rendering, design, construction and costing. The class of 2014 can truly be proud of their achievements.

The array of techniques and new ideas is what was the most enlightening about the students work, and shows that each and every student was taught according to their own personalities and capabilities, creating well rounded individuals.

Class of 2014 Garden Design
Class of 2014 Garden Design

The journey has been truly amazing, and seeing all the work pinned up, and presented in such a professional manner, makes a bold statement about where each of the students are heading.

The Irene School of Garden Design would like to take this opportunity to say: thank you for your continuous effort and determination! Thank your for the wonderful work that you have prepared to show the industry what you are capable of, and we wish you the very best, and hope that you take us on your life journey forward. We want to see you grow and blossom, and reach the pinnacle of this amazing career path, but most of all may you experience even more learning, and joy along the way.

Congratulations class of 2014!

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