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You can have the career you always dreamt of and develop your love of design and gardening into the most rewarding experience. To be a landscape designer, being able to design gardens for others, work outside with living materials and orchestrate worlds for others to live in, is truly one of the most satisfying and fulfilling careers or interests there is. If this passion is what drives you, our Comprehensive Courses is will be your most valuable asset. At Irene School of Garden Design we do not want you to miss out on any opportunity to be who you were meant to be. If you have always yearned to design, work with nature and people, love drawing decorating or putting things together, and inspire to a career that allows freedom, creativity, more time and purpose, then you are in safe hands now. Irene School of Garden Design offers full-time courses for those who can study during the day and who are embarking on a career or investing in their hobby. Irene School of Garden Design also offer part-time courses specifically for those who want to pursue garden design as a new career, paying hobby or serious enthusiast, but need to do so after hours. It is the career you will never retire from and our comprehensive courses will help you get there.

Full-time & Part-time Course. Study Genres

This study category address a variety of interesting and essential topics or courses that will aid and develop designers from a variety of backgrounds...

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With any design project the methodology is what guides the designer to a high quality end result...

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Designers communicate visually. Drawing drafting and presentation skills are extremely important in order to achieve success...

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Planting is an exciting layered category of courses that set out to please the enthusiast, the designer and the horticulturist...

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The Construction category consists of various, easy to understand courses that theoretically help students understand the implementation of a garden and the related fields such as irrigation and the environment...

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These courses are designed to assist students in implementing their acquired knowledge. They are essential in developing the skills a well-rounded designer needs...

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The computer aided design course is a crucial part of the draftsperson and the designer’s repertoire...

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Become a designer of outdoor spaces.
A unique approach to learning...

The leading landscape designers in South Africa and International Universities and companies recommend us because we adopt a personal relationship with each student and present our courses in an enjoyable, friendly, and dynamic manner that suits everyone, regardless of your language preference, age or level of experience. We offer the only 1 year landscape design course that develops design skill trough creative conceptual thinking. Irene School of Garden Design is independent, which allows us to be current, quality driven and personal, and are not bound by typical constraints of tertiary education such as points, credits or disruptions in learning. Irene School of Garden Design was also the first to include and develop spatial and architectural philosophy and theory into courses. Courses are presented to smaller groups of students; this ensures students get the attention they deserve. Course material is presented by the most unsurpassed industry individuals together with Lee Burger, holding BSc Larch (UP), BL Hons (UP) and ML Prof (UP) degrees in Landscape Architecture and active S.A.C.L.A.P. member. We are also one of only a few institutions to continue adopting a bilingual approach to education. We offer students ample opportunity to steer their careers with practical work as well as theoretical knowledge, continually assessing student progress to uphold the highest quality of education available, and ultimately want to offer value for life. Ample tests, exams and design assessments, moderated by professionals, assure that we only put our best in the market place, and also give you an indication of how you are doing and what is expected from a well-rounded prospective landscaper.

For the serious Designer.
1 year, Full time & Part time courses...

Our 1 year comprehensive courses are sorted into six theoretical subjects, and various practical components. Students can address each core competency as a course for leisure or purpose. Each subject is offered as a complete series with unique assignments relating to each subject. Once all subjects are completed students can achieve a credential of achievement or excellence. Full time students can start in February, and will have class on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings, or can start in July and will have classes on Mondays and Wednesday mornings during private school terms. Part time students start in February each year and will have classes on Tuesday evenings and selected Thursday evenings, during private school terms. Whether it’s for pleasure or to become a designer of outdoor spaces, you now have courses that comfortably fits into your busy schedule and becomes a credential in garden design.

Irene School of Garden Design: Part and Full-time Courses

Payment options.
An affordable, convenient and exciting way to study...

Comprehensive courses are one of the most cost effective ways to study or invest in as an enthusiast. Our aim is to provide exceeding personal and career related value at an affordable price. Irene School of Garden Design accommodates smaller groups to ensure the quality we are renowned for, and to give students personal attention. Booking is essential to ensure you have a reservation on our industry leading course. Our courses can be paid for in 3 different ways:

Option 1: Full upfront payment

Full time: R5000 deposit & R23749.00

Part time: R21749 when the course starts

Option 2: Easy three

Full time: Three payments of R9750

Part time: R9075

Option 3: Monthly

2 months deposit, remainder to be paid monthly, over 8 months plus R100 monthly admin fee.

Welcome to our classroom - we call it home

What you need to know...

All course notes are provided digitally: online to download or on your portable drive. Computer design programs are provided as training tools only and students must use their own electronic equipment such as laptops or computers. We do our absolute best to keep additional costs to a minimum. Arrangements has been made for student discount on stationary, and printing. Plantland and Irene School of Garden Design co-op provide most of the plants and materials needed for the show garden exhibitions. Full time courses starts in February and July, and Part time courses in February. To submit an assignment for review is free if assignments are handed in within 3 months after completion of a particular subject. Thereafter an additional fee of R249 will be applicable to review assignments. If a student miss a class due to unforeseen circumstances, up to 3 classes can be attended in the next available course or time slot. A 75% Class attendance is needed to successfully obtain a credential in garden design.

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