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To confirm and validate registration, send the completed registration agreement form, with proof of payment of the deposit, to: or fax to: 086 5799818.

The deposit is a fee to cover expense pertaining to admin, registration, course material, security against non-payment, accounting fees, and preparation for the academic year in terms of intellectual property and course material. The deposit is only refundable should the course not be presented by Irene School of Garden Design due to reasons beyond reasonable control. The Irene School of Garden Design cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss, theft, or any damage of any nature or kind that an enrolled student or visitor may suffer, The easy 3 fees, as indicated above must be paid whether the course or course section is completed or not, and enrolment is for the full duration of the course.

The payment date is every 3rd month, or every 90 days from the starting date. Should payment not be received before the 5th of the following calendar month, an additional R250.00 admin fee will be levied for non-payment. An admin fee of R250.00 will be levied for each month that the account is un-paid above the admin fee for each quarter of paying off the course. Courses can be frozen for a maximum of 12 months, but the admin fee of R250.00 per quarter is payable for each quarter that the course is frozen. Cancellation of this agreement can be done, only if account/s is paid up to date, and written notification is given 1 full calendar month prior to the cancellation date. The person responsible for the account is to pay 10% of the remainder of the total fees in advance, as a cancelation fee, as per the new consumer protection act.

Should this cancellation fee not be received during the month of cancellation notice, the account will not be cancelled, and the person responsible for the account will be liable for the fees as per usual. It is the responsibility of the person responsible for the account to calculate the total costs for the chosen period including the admin fee, and to read the course information. Course material may not be copied, resold, presented in public or privately, to any person who is not enrolled at Irene School of Garden Design and material of any kind or media, remain the intellectual property of the author and/or Irene School of Garden Design. There are minimum requirements for successful completion of distance learning course to authenticate academic achievements. An allowance of one full calendar month must be given from registration to the start of the correspondence courses to tailor the course to a particular student. Your patience will be greatly appreciated. The Irene School of Garden Design is not responsible for any costs pertaining to data usage, internet connection fees, landline fees or any such forms of communication, and communication and retrieval of notes is for the students’ account. Notes are available in digital format only. A response time of between 5-10 working days should be given to answer any queries. Marking of exercises and assignments is subject to the time available by external examiners and may take longer. Each student will be assigned to a mentor who will arrange his/her own preferred contact time between the tutor/mentor and the students as well as school terms. The course must be completed over the maximum of 24 months. This course excludes some of the practical and theory components not possible to be taught trough correspondence. New notes will not be released if account is not paid in full. Notes are divided into sections and the minimum amount of time to complete the course is 6 months and the maximum 24 months. Students enrolling in the distance learning course is advised to make use of the 3 day workshop if possible. Booking in advance is essential.


Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Centurion
Branch code: 198765
Account number: 1002 809 274

Account holder: Irene School of Garden Design
Account type: Cheque or Current
Reference: Use attending student Name and Surname as payment reference


would like to register for the distance learning course and hereby commit to the payment option I have selected above. I will ensure payment is made before the course commences, or every 90 days as described for the easy payment options. I have read and understood the terms and conditions, and will honour this agreement for the enrolment period as a legal document.


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