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Current affairs: Private Education the future for South Africa

In the light of recent events, and student uproar about university fees, the trail of devastation to campuses, falling behind on schedules and dangers it poses to study at such institutions, the University of the Free State mentioned in Beeld (2015/11/06) that even Lecturers are better of working overseas or in Private Institutions. The situation does not seem to improve as students continue to strike and damage campuses, and it seems that if you are someone that is serious about the quality of your education, it is a far better option to turn your gaze to the content of courses, the comfort and reliability of smaller institutions, and the safety they provide.

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Mower and Blower talk a delight

The Irene School of Garden Design had a fun filled, informative talk from Roger at Mow Town to enlighten us on all the latest and greatest garden machinery, essential for proper garden maintenance. Lawn is the pride of any garden, and with so many options available we thought it best to seek help from the professionals when it comes to the machines that keep our lawns and gardens in prideworthy condition. Probably the best advice was to seek advice before purchasing a mower, blower, edge, or hedge trimmer. Though the idea of buying an ordinary cheapie from a local supermarket is alluring to many, it would be a big mistake. What amazed us most was the affordability of professional machines versus the ones from the shelf.

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Is your job as safe as you think it is?

A lot of us feel the current crunch in difficult economic times, but are you skilled to find work elsewhere should you have to? Current statistics show that most people will work for between 5 and 7 different employers in their lifetime, in a particular field of knowledge and that since the 1990’s it is not at all strange for people to change the direction of their expertise altogether.

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How to garden like you mean it…

How to garden like you mean it... This year the Plantland Show Gardens at Plantland Cornwall Hill, took on a whole new format. Students of the Irene School of Garden Design was faced with one of their toughest challenges yet. Students were given a “shopping basket” of plants and hard materials and had to design…
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