YOUR 2021 TREND FORECAST FOR GARDENS IN SOUTH AFRICA BEE FRIENDLY GARDENS Gardeners around the world are following a more ecological approach to gardening, creating gardens, and using plants that attract bee’s and other insects to their garden. GREY GARDENS According to Country living, this calming hue is not only one of the most popular paint…
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Avoid the bottle neck effect

Just like some wines every now and again there is a bad year that people avoid…Before reading this article, remember that there is always hope, and that we just must start thinking about the future differently. With that said, here is something to consider if you are a young individual embarking on the rest of your life. (or the parent of one)

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The COVID19 virus has taken the world by surprise, with more people deciding to work from home for an unpredictable number of weeks. The question is what do you do when you have fortified yourself in your own property and Netflix has run out of series to binge over? For most people this means spending more time in their gardens, doing all those things you never had time for. Some even attempt to learn the art of gardening, whether to improve their mental or physical health, grow their own food or out of boredom.

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Top 10 reasons why the garden design industry is growing!

So many people are turning to garden design as a way to relieve stress associated with modern day living, but when we dug a bit deeper, we found a surprising amount of new and unexpected reasons why some are investing in their love of gardening or even changing their careers to this amazing field of opportunity. Here are the top 10 reasons why people are gardening more and more:

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