The class of 2014

The class of 2014. What an inspiring journey... We do not think of things being designed until we take a sneak peek into the enormous amounts of work that goes into producing all the documentation and presentation material needed to realize a garden design vision.

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ISGD the first to be on the 2015 IGFSA list

Irene School of Garden Design the first to be on the 2015 I.G.F.S.A list for industry endorsed qualification based education. Irene School of Garden design is on the forefront of a new age in the green industry. The I.G.F.S.A is probably one of the most exciting ventures for the green industry that gardening has seen in the last decade.

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Bokashi home composter kit

Every now and again we are introduced to new products on the market to try out and our most recent product to review was the Bokashi home composter kit. he Bokashi home composter kit consists of 2 composters and one packet of Bokashi, the idea being that you fill one of the two, and once full it is placed aside to go about doing its business, whilst the second one is being used.

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