Construction-Primer-5Construction Primer Course (5 week course)
The Construction category consists of various, easy to understand courses that theoretically help students understand the implementation of a garden and the related fields such as irrigation and the environment. The course covers difficult concepts in an easy and simplified manner. The quality of the final result depends heavily on the construction of a garden and the skills presented in this course can be further refined with the addition of practical show garden building. With the new stackable courses, students can enjoy a theme or topic for leisure as a course on its own or opt for stacking each theme into a global credential. The Construction Primer Course is offered with a credential of attendance for those who complete the course for leisure. Students may choose to submit the given assignments for assessment to obtain a credential of achievement/excellence or if they prefer, to stack the course into the global credential.


Construction-Primer-1Applicable to: Garden Design, Architecture, Spatial Planners, Draftsmen, Horticulture, Installers, Plant hobbyists and enthusiasts, Environmentalists and Homeowners
Duration: 5 lessons presented on mornings or evenings
Approximate time of assignments: twice that of the classes
Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate
Repetition: twice annually
Price: R 4 749.00
Code: CPC

Construction-Primer-2Site measuring & dumpy level:
Running-, off set-, and triangulated measuring and slope

This course module teaches students the 3 basic methods of site measuring. Measure twice, work once. It is necessary to measure with accuracy and efficiency to create the required base drawings to design on. The site measuring theme assists students in accurately measuring sites and height differences to convert information onto paper. The site measuring theme also introduces scale and documenting measurements from a site onto plan. Practical exercises teach students to determine height differences and slope by means of a dumpy/builders level. Upon completion, students should be able to easily and accurately measure, convert measurements to plan, and set up a dumpy level.


Construction-Primer-3Introduction to irrigation:
This theme of the Construction primer covers different systems, the planning and the components of an irrigation system. The introduction to irrigation covers measures to improve maintenance and the correct installation of various irrigation systems.

Sustainability is a crucial component of construction and maintenance. This theme deals with the terminology and application of environmentally sound construction methods, as well as how to determine site health.

Key Questions to successful Construction problem solving:
We found that to be successful in construction, it is of paramount importance to be inquisitive. This theme covers questions a designer should ask, and discuss some solutions regarding pathways, water features, ponds, decking and brickwork amongst others.

Construction-Primer-7Construction Drawing:
Drawing sections and details are the keystones to understanding construction. It is essential to communicate not only the detail of construction but also the process of construction by means of drawings. This theme covers the conventions associated with annotation and construction drawing.

Introduction to materials:
This theme is an insightful self-study theme of the processes and different materials used in construction. The theme covers concrete, wood, glass metals and plastics.

Costing and Specification:
The crux of any project revolves around quantifying a project correctly. This section deals with the documentation and industry norms of costing in an example based class. The course looks at how the professional landscape architecture reals costs and documents a project for tender. Accuracy and costing is the most crucial skill for installers and designers.

Prices and starting date options...

Construction Primer Course (5 weeks) R4 749  
Starting dates:
Morning courses:
19 July
19 October
Evening courses:
21 July
19 October

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All course notes are provided digitally: online to download or on your portable drive. Computer design programs are provided as training tools only and students must use their own electronic equipment such as laptops or computers. We do our absolute best to keep additional costs to a minimum. Arrangements has been made for student discount on stationary, and printing. Plantland and Irene School of Garden Design co-op provide most of the plants and materials needed for the show garden exhibitions.

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