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These courses are designed to assist students in implementing their acquired knowledge. They are essential in developing the skills a well-rounded designer needs. The practical courses consist of two components, practical work in terms of design projects, and practical work concerned with the use of plants and materials. The Design projects vary in difficulty based on the skill learnt. Because this integration of knowledge and practical application is so important to us, we offer one on one consultations for each project. Students furthermore are eligible to build show gardens hosted by Plantland nurseries. Students who wish to stack their courses need to complete all the design for practice projects and build at least two show gardens.

Building a show garden:
All students of the Irene School of Garden Design are eligible to build show gardens hosted by Plantland Nurseries. The show gardens involve approximately 3 days of concentrated work. Student get to see how their ideas look in real life, get to learn about plants and plant combinations, and enjoy how rewarding gardening can be. There are currently three locations where the show gardens are hosted and all the gardens are featured in the Virére online magazine. This component is also a great team building exercise. Most of the plant material is supplied, but students need to bring their own garden implements. Student who opt to stack courses for a global credential need to complete at least two show gardens.

Practical-2Applicable to: Garden Design, Architecture, Spatial Planners, Homeowners, Quantity surveying, Installers, Homeowners and Team Building excursions.
Duration: 3 Days
Repetition: Monthly
Price: R 349.00 p.p.

Designing for practice (4 projects available):
There are five projects that students can complete and they cover the scope of work that student are allowed to do ranging from small residential projects, to large gardens and light commercial refurbishments. Each project will address a number of important theoretical components. The minimum requirement is for students to complete the Drawing and Drafting Course and the Design Course. These projects can be done simultaneously with the rest of the courses. Each Project will consist of a briefing about the project, arranged private consultation sessions and the assessment of the final product. The projects range in difficulty and each project address different course content. The lecturer will present you with the project that is right for your level of competency at each phase of your design studies. Students who opt to stack courses for a global credential need to complete all the design for practice projects.

Applicable to: Students who have completed the Design and Drawing courses can work on hypothetical designs and present them for feedback.
Duration: Briefing at the beginning of the project, two to three appointment critique sessions, and one final presentation of 30 – 45 minutes
Approximate time of project: (combined time) one full week
Repetition: Throughout the year by appointment
Price: R 749.00 per project

Appointments on:
Wednesday mornings from 9:30 till 12:30 (See PCC on calendar)
Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings when available (See PCC on calendar)

Prices and starting date options...

Project & Practical Courses:
Show garden Building: R349 p.p.
Throughout the year from February till December (Enquire vie e-mail)
Designing for practice projects: R749 per project.
4 projects available. Throughout the year from February till December by appointment (Enquire via e-mail)

Our Comprehensive courses are one of the most cost effective ways to study or invest in as an enthusiast. Our aim is to provide exceeding personal and career related value at an affordable price. Irene School of Garden Design accommodates smaller groups to ensure the quality we are renowned for, and to give students personal attention. Booking is essential to ensure you have a reservation on our industry leading course.

Our courses can be paid for up front or a 50% deposit and the remainder paid 2 weeks before the course ends.

Additional information. What you need to know...Practical-5
All course notes are provided digitally: online to download or on your portable drive. Computer design programs are provided as training tools only and students must use their own electronic equipment such as laptops or computers. We do our absolute best to keep additional costs to a minimum. Arrangements has been made for student discount on stationary, and printing. Plantland and Irene School of Garden Design co-op provide most of the plants and materials needed for the show garden exhibitions.

Now all we need is your passion and excitement for gardens and design
to open the door to a whole new you...

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