Process-2Process Course (4 week course)
With any design project the methodology is what guides the designer to a high quality end result. Technique is everything. Doing the project preparation the right way and in the correct order, sets the tone for problem free design and installation processes. With the new stackable courses, students can enjoy a theme or topic for leisure as a course on its own or opt for stacking each theme into a global credential. The Process Course is offered with a credential of attendance for those who complete the course for leisure. Students may choose to submit the given assignments for assessment to obtain a credential of achievement/excellence or if they prefer, to stack the course into the global credential.

Applicable to: Interior design, Garden Design, Architecture, Spatial Planners, Homeowners, Quantity surveying, Developers, Home builders and Estate agents
Duration: 4 lessons presented on mornings or evenings
Approximate time of assignments: twice that of the classes
Repetition: 3 times annually
Difficulty: Easy
Price: R 3 749.00
Code: PRC

Analysing properties and homes:
Essential analytical skills for spatial understanding

Insight into what sets up a guideline for design of properties is crucial if mistakes are to be avoided. This study theme theoretically and practically looks at how to accurately analyse homes and gardens to set up a guideline according to which the rest of the project should test or run. This is a particularly helpful course component for new and prospective homeowners. Implementing the knowledge from this course theme could assist in better time management of projects, result in less waste, potentially save money and avoid unfitting and hasty decision making during the implementation and design phases of a project.Process-1

Design process and client interview:
Determining the needs and process of a garden design

This course theme sets the tone for working systematically and categorises the various phases of a project into process. An in depth look at client interviews and project cycles aid students in working efficiently and purpose driven. After a solid foundation of the needs assessment and design processes, the installation chronology will assist students in planning the implementation of a design.

Prices and starting date options...

Process Course (4 weeks) R3 749  
Starting dates:
Morning classes:
2 February
20 September
Evening classes:
2 February
22 September


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Process-3 Additional information. What you need to know...
All course notes are provided digitally: online to download or on your portable drive. Computer design programs are provided as training tools only and students must use their own electronic equipment such as laptops or computers. We do our absolute best to keep additional costs to a minimum. Arrangements has been made for student discount on stationary, and printing. Plantland and Irene School of Garden Design co-op provide most of the plants and materials needed for the show garden exhibitions.

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