Introduction to Garden Design Workshop

Garden with Passion. Get the most out of your garden

You can have the garden you always dreamed of. Let Irene School of Garden Design help you learn to design, install and maintain your own garden with useful gardening tips and guidelines. If gardening is your passionate hobby, or if you would like to know more about the exciting world of garden delights, then this course is perfect for you. Mistakes are far less costly on paper than in real life and it is essential that everyone that owns a garden, should know more about it. You deserve to open your front door to a garden bursting with life. With our exciting 3-day workshop you can do it and do it right the first time.


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Introduction to garden design workshop.
For the enthusiast, the new homeowner, and the novice…

Irene School of Garden Design has subtly divided our 3-day introduction workshop course into three general topics that all gardeners need: design & drawing; installing & planting; and sustainable & affordable maintenance. The workshop format allows input from various professionals giving insightful help, hints and tips, the essential basics to design your own garden and saving on costs.


This vital gardening information is presented in a highly informative and enjoyable format, perfect for new homeowners, enthusiasts, hobbyists or as the perfect gift to friends or family that love their gardens and is passionate about plants. The course successfully addresses information you will not find in books and media, in the shortest amount of time possible and at an affordable price; comparative to approximately a third of having your garden designed professionally. There is the option to complete the course over 3 Saturdays mornings (for those who can’t attend workshops during the week) or 3 consecutive mornings. (Ideal for people that like to conglomerate their lessons or those who must travel to visit Gauteng and attend our workshop).

3-Day workshop

Day 1: Process, Analysing, & Design

pot plantWhether you just need to revamp a garden bed, breathe new life into a tired design, or start from scratch, this part of the course covers the basics you need before you make long term decisions, before spending unnecessary money on plants and materials. We illustrate just how useful it is to be able to analyse your site and home and start with the architectural side of design. We also show you how to make the most of the process of design, by refining your garden through sketching of ideas and explain the fundamentals of garden design.

We will cover the following topics on day one:

  • Design process
  • Site analysis (desktop practical)
  • Property analysis (desktop practical)
  • The separation between layout and décor and why so many gardens are not successful
  • Design principles
  • Tips on why you should make your garden useful as well as appealing
  • Part one of Styles, themes and concepts

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Day 2: Styles, measuring & drawing

During this part of the course, we illustrate just how useful it is to be able to draw plans and elevation drawings for designing gardens and plant beds. We illustrate the basic measuring techniques and scale. We also further the discussion on styles and the fundamentals of planting design, show you the crux of getting stunning plant combinations, and experience popular garden styles and the ingredients that you should use to make your garden a success. tape measure

We will cover the following topics on day two:

  • Part two of Styles, themes and concepts
  • The role of plants in the garden
  • Using colour and texture in the garden
  • Exploring the components that creates the décor/finishing of various popular gardens.
  • How to draw up plans easily (desktop practical)
  • How to draw up elevations
  • Using Elevations to get a better understanding of how the result will look (desktop practical)
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Day 3: Maintenance, sustainable gardening, soil, and plant care

This section of the course aims to answer most of the questions that almost every gardener will encounter when planting up a new garden or making changes to existing gardens. It covers the basics to successfully test, improve and maintain soils and is perfect to start implementing the process of transferring a design on paper to the garden. The key to success is proper installation and maintenance. We will also discuss the day to day running of your garden to prolong your investment. bag with tools

We will cover the following topics on day three:

  • The installation and planting process
  • Soil preparation and soil improvement
  • Planting plans and quantification
  • Planting methods
  • Testing your own soil (practical)
  • General maintenance
  • Eco friendly methods of dealing with pests and disease
  • Discuss your garden with you
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Garden design workshop. Times, dates, venue and booking...

View our easy 3 step booking form for starting dates.ipad
A course consist of three Saturdays from 9:30 till 14:00 or
Three consecutive days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:30 till 14:00
Venue: 19 Clifton Avenue, Lyttelton, Centurion.
Time: 9:30 till 14:00
After booking, a reminder will be sent 1 week prior to starting, as well as what
you need to bring with for the workshops.

INCLUDED:  Digital Making Sense of Garden Design handbook, Coffee, tea and a Plant Paletteslight snack.

OPTIONAL: Plant Palettes by Quivertree publications (R550.00) (order day 1 and collect)
Essential Organics exclusive to Irene School of Garden Design (R550.00) (order day 1 and collect)

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Prices and payment options.

To assist you to get your garden going, our introduction to garden design workshops are structured to be as cost effective as possible. Irene School of Garden Design only accommodates smaller groups in order to insure the quality we are renowned for and give students the attention they deserve. Thus, it is essential to book early in order not to miss out on the opportunity to hone your interests and design your own garden.

3-day workshop pricing

* All courses Include digital Making sense of Garden design handbook

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