5 reasons why you should have a garden

The 5 reasons why you should have a garden include the following:

Less allergies and dust.

A recent UK study revealed that just 5 trees around your house can reduce dust and allergens in your home by up to 30% if the right trees are chosen. This is great news for people who despise dust. Swabs and samples were taken from all static electronic devices in 5 homes before and after trees were temporarily placed around the homes, and revealed that after 2 weeks the dust, volatile organic compounds and allergens were reduced by almost 30%.

You’ll feel better.

5-reasons-gardenGardens and nature has long been a therapy prescribed by healers, religions and doctors alike to combat stresses of city living. They are our connection to our biology and they entice our senses. Nothing is more comforting than being outside to think and meditate. Clear your mind by watching your plants grow, and bloom.

To feed your body.

One way to combat the rising prices of supermarket fruit and veg is to simply grow your own. The ultimate saving of course is to grow from seed, and harvest seeds, splits and cuttings again for the next season. Nowadays it is easier than ever, with numerous portable solutions, but it is very trendy to use vegetables as garden plants or even the more ornamental varieties of vegetables and herbs as pot plants.


Gardening can be a total body workout. Plus you will produce some vitamin D from being outside. A variety of garden tasks will work better than just doing one monotonous task like mowing the lawn. Divide tasks up into days of the week like weeding, loosening, pruning and mowing, each for 30 minutes a day, and you may just be rewarded in more ways than just a pristine garden.

Cooler environments.

Hard surfaces absorb and transmit heat in and through it. This is often described in values indicating its thermal efficiency. Some hard materials like brick and concrete can retain heat in its body for up to 8 hours. That means that if not completely cooled down after one night, it will be warmer the next day and so on. This makes our microclimate hotter and hotter. Plants however are not only cooler than hard surfaces because they do not store as much heat, but also actively cool the environment by releasing moisture, and providing shade.

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