Is your job as safe as you think it is?

A lot of us feel the current crunch in difficult economic times, but are you skilled to find work elsewhere should you have to? Current statistics show that most people will work for between 5 and 7 different employers in their lifetime, in a particular field of knowledge and that since the 1990’s it is not at all strange for people to change the direction of their expertise altogether. The question however is, can people go all on their own and not work for an employer, especially in times with cutbacks and retrenchments lurking, and are they ready if that “secure position” becomes a threat to their income. Another growing concern is retirement, and the tremendous strain modern life puts on our planning for it.

Generate a primary or second income from garden designing The design fields provide some answers most of us are looking for. Design seems to be the one career path that more easily transition to individuals and not large organizations. The added benefit is that age does not seem to matter, nor does its intensity, as many have taken on garden design as a second household income, or a hobby that brings in a little extra money if not eventually a full on career. Garden Design has been one particular interest in which people extend their fields of study. Despite difficulties in the economy, or maybe because of it, more people are willing to spend less money, on more affordable things such as gardens. The price of gardens has increased tremendously, but in comparison remains very affordable when compared to building and architecture.

proper training in garden designing is paramount It is not as easy as it may seem to follow a career in garden design, and the days of the “bakkie clubs” are numbered as estates and aesthetic committees are weighing heavily on quality of both design and installation, and clients seek designers that truly adds value. It is therefore paramount to undergo training in order to build up a proper understanding of this complex field, and produce designs and design products such as plans and specifications of the best quality. The added advantages of a career in garden design is different tax structures and the extremely small capital outlay. The only investment would be the cost of studies, commitment and time, making it the perfect way to embark on a new career, abolishing the old fashioned notion that one must have money to make money. Irene School of Garden Design has offered courses part time for 10 years, enabling driven individuals to either change careers, or have a backup plan, and for many a saving grace. It is possible to study and work at the same time, and maybe it is not only an investment in one’s own wellbeing and knowledge, but also a bit of assurance and comfort.

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